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publich date: 30 May 2012 - 13:19
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The candidate of Akhwan-ul-Muslimeen leading the elections so far, Egypt
International Desk: The tentative result of presidential elections in Egypt has been announced,The candidate of Akhwan-ul-Muslimeen leading the elections.
According to this tentative count, the candidate of Akhwan-ul-Muslimeen party, Muhammad Marsi, has won the majority of votes. On the other hand, the second closest candidate in the contest is the former Prime Minister of Egypt, Ahmad Shafique. Now in the second phase of elections, there will be a contest between these two candidates, for presidency.

According to the report of Shabestan news agency, there were 13 candidates contesting for the presidential elections in Egypt, out of them, Akhwan-ul-Muslimeen got maximum votes. In these elections, Muhammad Marsi won 25% votes, and the former prime minister of Egypt, Ahmad Shafique, won 24% votes. It is to be noted that the conclusive result of these elections will be announced on 27th of May, 2012. These contemporary elections received a 50% voter’s turn out.
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