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publich date: 26 January 2013 - 15:32
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French Journalist Discloses France's New Plot for Plundering Mali's Gold, Uranium
French journalist and author Thierry Meyssan said that France's military intervention of Mali is aimed at plundering the West African state's gold and uranium resources as well as preparing the grounds for destabilization of Algeria.
In an article published in the, Meyssan wrote that France is now setting its sights on Mali in a bid to take Algeria from Behind.

The journalist noted that after recolonizing the Ivory Coast and Libya, France is now eyeing Mali's natural resources, specially the African country's rich gold and uranium resources.

A long time in the making and announced by French President François Hollande six months in advance, the French intervention in Mali was portrayed as an emergency decision in response to dramatic developments, he said.

This scheme aims not only at seizing Mali's gold and uranium, but more especially at paving the way for the destabilization of Algeria.

In order to carry out its military intervention, France has turned to a number of countries for support, including Algeria. Alger is trapped, it either has to accept collaboration with an old colonial power, or take the risk of an influx of al-Qaeda groups on its territory.

After some hesitation, Algeria agreed to open its airspace to French aviation. But then a non-identified group attacked a British Petroleum gas terminal in southern Algeria, accusing Algiers of complicity with Paris in the Malian affair. A hundred people were taken hostage, but they were not only Algerian and French. The aim of this attack is clearly to internationalize the conflict by transporting it to Algeria.

This technique of French intervention is a copy of the one deployed by the Bush administration, use al-Qaeda to create conflict, then intervene and occupy the area under the pretense of restoring order. That is why François Hollande's rhetoric picks up on the "war against terrorism", which has long been abandoned by Washington.

The usual cast of actors can be found in this play, Qatar has bought shares in the major French companies installed in Mali, and the emir of Ansar Dine has close ties to Saudi Arabia.

During the attack on Libya, the French and the British made wide use of the Islamists to fight the power structure in Tripoli, since the Cyrenaican separatists had no interest in overthrowing Muammar al-Gaddafi once Benghazi became independent.

At the fall of the Jamahiriya, "I was personally witness to" the reception of the leaders of AQMI (Al Qaida in Islamist Mahgreb) by members of the National Transitional Council in the Hotel Corinthia, which had just been secured by British special forces who had come from Iraq for that purpose, Meyssan said.

It was clear that the next target for Western colonialism would be Algeria, and that AQMI would play its part, but at that time I could not see which conflict could be used to justify international intervention, he noted.

Paris has imagined a scenario in which war will enter Algeria via Mali.
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